Upcoming OSRAM Digital Systems Online Trainings 2021

OSRAM Digital Systems are hosting a variety of exclusive online training sessions, to discuss their latest innovations, and to provide insights on how OSRAM DS technologies strive to meet new demands. 

See below for an overview of all the upcoming live online training sessions.

Online Training Session Date

Light is limitless

Discover new possibilities that let your products shine in a new light. Learn more about applications that go beyond lighting.

7th October 202110:00 AM CET

Industrial lighting

Learn more about intelligent and reliable solutions for industrial applications.

21st October 202109:00 AM CET

Industry Horticulture

Learn in this online training more about multiple solutions for different horticulture application fields, like vertical farms or hydroponic greenhouses

28th October 202109:00 AM CET

Industrial advertising

Learn more about safe and robust halogen-free signage systems for industrial applications.

11th November 2021 09:00 AM CET

Outdoor city beautification

Learn more about the comprehensive outdoor flex system solutions for city beautification. Simple and flexible options – all according to your choice.

18th November 2021 09:00 AM CET

Outdoor street lighting

How to exploit immediately the benefits of LED street lighting and prepare today the Smart City of tomorrow with OSRAM future-proof solutions.

25th November 2021 09:00 AM CET

Visit the below link to sign up for the online sessions via OSRAM DS, or to view recordings of past sessions. 


Latest News

September 29, 2022

Hamamatsu Photonics has developed the world’s first THz image intensifier. Capable of real-time non-destructive imaging, it is promising for foreign matter inspection of food products and body scanning.

Hamamatsu Photonics has developed the world’s first terahertz image intensifier (THz image intensifier or simply THz-I.I.) by leveraging its imaging technology fostered over many years. This THz-I.I. has high resolutionRead more…

About IGS

About IGS

Set up in 2001 Intelligent Group Solutions Ltd (IGS) is a specialist company focusing on providing a unique blend of services to customers requiring optoelectronic components, sub-assemblies and or finished product. IGS has the ability to work with not only the customer’s design engineering team but also with the product designer and the customer’s sales and marketing teams to develop solutions that fully meet the requirements of the user.  Read more…


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