Stanley Electric Group Launches ‘AℓNUV’, its new UV Brand

Stanley Electric Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of AℓNUV (al-noov), a product brand using ultraviolet light sources.

Centering on its UV-C LED (wavelength: 265 nm), which has been confirmed to be highly effective at inactivating the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), Stanley Electric aims to bring a safe environment for everybody’s daily life by proposing a variety of products and solutions for the disinfection of surfaces, air, and water. As a start, the company will provide products for which customers can expect high results in scenarios such as medical fields, in-vehicle spaces, and water disinfection, and, will continue to expand the product lineup for this brand in the future.


■Brand name:AℓNUV(al-noove)




AℓNUV=AℓN (Aluminium nitride)+UV(Ultraviolet)

  • A brand of products and solutions using ultraviolet light sources. The name AℓNUV is a combination of “AℓN,” a feature of Stanley Electric’s UV-C LED packages, and “UV.”
  • The brand logo was inspired by the idea of spreading (ultraviolet) light in order to continuously cleanse the water, air, and surfaces that people encounter in their daily lives.

For the various daily life scenarios that require measures to reduce the risk of infection, Stanley Electric will prepare a variety of ultraviolet products using a combination of its LED package technology and the optics technology which has been built up via automobile headlamps.

In addition to the existing 265-nm LEDs with high-powered disinfection capability and 254-nm cold cathode ultraviolet lamps, by making modules and systems with light sources of broader variation of wavelength, the company aims to make the brand AℓNUV be visible for the product technology and to differentiate from others.


■The AℓNUV (al-noove)  Product Lineup

As a start, products will be released as below.

In-VehicleUV-C LEDModule(AℓNUV_Light™)


  • Disinfection box in the model appended to the vehicle-interior glove box and console box
  • Equipped with 1pcs of UV-C LED
  • Compact module achieves quick disinfection
  • Includes protective circuit function
  • Size: 37 mm width, 47 mm depth, 12 mm height]

Surface Disinfection (Equipped with UV-CCL)

UV sterilizer (AℓNUV_Pure™) :Only in Japanese market


  • Lights up for a standard set time of 2 minutes to disinfect bacteria and viruses
  • Safe structural design to prevent external UV leakage
  • Equipped with a Stanley standard UV-CCL product featuring compact size, high output, and long lifespan (50,000 hours)
  • Wavelength: 254 nm / UV output: 1.1 W / Pipe length: 240 m × 2pcs
  • Input: AC 100 V / Size: 360 mm width, 280 mm depth, 200 mm height / Weight: 3.0 kg

Water Disinfection (Equipped with 265-nm LED)

UV-C LED Reactor for Running Water Applications (AℓNUV_Aqua™)


  • Lineup suited for running water applications (Flow rate 1-5 L/min.: with 1-6pcs of UV-C LEDs installed)
  • Achieves high disinfection performance with a water rectification mechanism and light distribution technology
  • Can utilize high disinfection effect immediately upon startup

Example applications: Water purifier, water dispenser, flow measurement in medical devices, etc.

Scheduled sale date: Mar. 2021

UV-C LED Cap Unit for Stored Water (AℓNUV_Aqua™)


・Equipped with 1pcs of UV-C LED. An easy-to-install cap unit suitable for disinfecting stored water, circulating water, and surfaces.

  • Achieves high durability thanks to metallic housing not affected by UV degradation
  • Compact size with a radiator structure metallic housing
  • Waterproof structure

Example applications: Water tanks for ice-making machines, drink dispenser, water heaters, etc.

Scheduled sale date: Feb. 2021


To find out more about AℓNUV please contact or call us on 01635 294606.

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