OSRAM OSLON P1616 Broadband Emitter for Spectroscopy – ILS Modules Now Available

ILS has introduced a LED Light engine designed specifically around the OSLON P1616 LEDs, from OSRAM, which emits broadband infrared light in wavelengths ranging from 650 to 1,050nm, allowing for a wider range of objects to be analysed more accurately.

What is Spectroscopy?

Spectroscopy allows the composition, physical structure and electronic structure of matter to be analysed. This is achieved through the examination of the interaction between matter and electromagnetic radiation, as a function of the wavelength or frequency of the radiation.

When electromagnetic radiation is passed through an item, the photons may be absorbed, reflected or refracted. Information about the emitted and absorbed spectra can then be used to gain information about the item. This is possible because the ratio of light that is reflected or absorbed varies from object to object, resulting in a unique molecular fingerprint for each item.

What does this mean in the modern world and in our day-to-day activities?

Picture yourself in a supermarket and you wanted to check if the strawberries in front of you were sweet without touching them. Using a broadband LED, a spectrometer and some code, your smartphone could look at the molecular structure and answer this.

How is this achieved by OSRAM’s new technology?

By utilising a blue pump and a specific mix of phosphors, OSRAM has developed a broad spectrum of 650-1050nm. A broad range of wavelengths emitted allows for a wider range of objects to be analysed more accurately.

Technology is moving forward incredibly fast and with it, things are getting smaller and more powerful. In 2017 there was the OSLON Black Flat, a 3.7×3.7mm package. The OSLON Piccalo 1616 SFH4737, this device is 3.6 times more intense and significantly smaller than its predecessor, delivering 74mW in NIR (650-1050nm).

Such a small package, but how can I use it?

With its extremely compact dimensions of just 1.6mm x 1.6mm x 0.9mm, the OSLON P1616 SFH 4737 is the world’s smallest near-infrared LED (NIRED) for spectroscopy applications available in the market; it is not something that is easily handled by hand.

Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS) have introduced a LED Light engine designed specifically around the OSLON P1616 LEDs. As a result of this minuscule LED, we have developed a range of tiny MicroOSLON boards. Our MicroOSLON modules measure 11mm in diameter and are compact, powerful LED light sources built on aluminium substrates for optimal thermal management. Available with 200mm wires as standard.

Part Number Description RS Stock Number Image
ILM-IP01-BBEM-SC201-WIR200. ILS OSLON P1616 MicroOSLON Broadband Emitter LED engine, with 200mm wires.


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About IGS

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