LEDiL STRADELLA-8-HV-ME3 – +20 % more efficient street lighting

Street lighting is mainly about visibility, energy efficiency, and calculating the costs.

One of the main goals when designing the new STRADELLA-8-HV-ME3 was to allow our customers to reach as long pole to pole distances with low TI% (threshold incremental) and high Ul (longitudinal uniformity) as possible. Based on our simulation, the lens can easily achieve all these with +80-meter pole spacing.

The ME3 beam is suitable for installations up to 1:6 pole height/distance ratio which can already result in great savings, but in addition, when compared to our previous STRADELLA-8-HV-ME, the ME3 beam can outperform it with around +20 % efficiency, even with lower poles.

STRADELLA-8-HV-ME3 is made from PMMA and is compatible with 3030 and 3535 size mid- and high-power LEDs.

To find out more about LEDiL STRADELLA-8-HV-ME3 please contact info@i-led.co.uk or call us on 01635 294606.

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About IGS

About IGS

Set up in 2001 Intelligent Group Solutions Ltd (IGS) is a specialist company focusing on providing a unique blend of services to customers requiring optoelectronic components, sub-assemblies and or finished product. IGS has the ability to work with not only the customer’s design engineering team but also with the product designer and the customer’s sales and marketing teams to develop solutions that fully meet the requirements of the user.  Read more…


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