Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Magnified

In light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak and precautionary measures implemented in the UK, we would like to reassure you that we at IGS are still operating as normally as possible within the current guidelines and restrictions. We are following the situation closely on a daily basis and as a company, are exercising the necessary precautions as outlined by the major health authorities including the NHS, and other HM Government bodies such as the FCO. This applies to all areas of our operations, including our sales teams, back office function and our manufacturing and warehouse facilities. You will still find our phone lines to be open, our emails to be responsive and our products to be manufactured and shipped as timely as we can manage safely, from both our own UK facility in Thatcham and our factories off shore.

The majority of our Asian factories are now 50%-80% staffed, and ramping up manufacturing to close to prior Covid-19 rates, although they are still working through the large back log of production and outstanding purchase orders on their component suppliers. We have been in regular contact with all the senior management of our factories, and each of them are still implementing the public health guidelines: each worker is wearing protective masks, workers are separated by 2m, social interaction is limited, meal times are heavily staggered. We have now been receiving shipments from all our suppliers, and we are delaying with these, trying to receive and ship out as normally as we can do, while looking after our staff and meeting government guidelines.

It is difficult to predict what will happen in the UK and Globally over the forthcoming weeks, but whilst we are allowed to we will keep our business running as normally at the same time stringently following all government and health guidelines. We have already talked to a number of our customers where their deliveries are being affected and will continue to monitor this.

Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time, we will update you with any new information as we receive it. Feel free to get in touch with our team, should you have any specific queries.

We wish you all the best in these times of uncertainty and that your colleagues and loved ones remain in good health.

Thank you for your understanding.

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About IGS

About IGS

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