Comprehensive luminaire data for energy-efficient buildings

Get ready for the IoT with DiiA-certified Tunable White LED drivers with DALI Parts -251 to -253 from OSRAM

In addition to energy efficiency, being able to integrate a lighting system into the Internet of Things (IoT) is playing an ever-more important role in building optimization. The Tunable White drivers from OSRAM – both Linear and Compact – are now certified in accordance with DiiA specifications, DALI Parts -251 to -253. The standardized data basis enables LED drivers to provide data for predictive maintenance and lighting installation monitoring. And thanks to the bidirectional exchange of data between luminaire components, a luminaire’s current status is shown in real time, complemented by key data such as energy consumption, operating times and temperatures. This basic information makes it easy to schedule maintenance and service work in good time in advance. Simply perfect for preventing downtimes and improving the energy footprint of the overall system.

OSRAM technology is the perfect choice to make a building fit for an energy-efficient future!

To find out more about AMS OSRAM’s comprehensive luminaire data please contact or call us on 01635 294606.

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About IGS

About IGS

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