Company History

Intelligent Group Solutions Ltd (IGS) was originally set up as Intelligent Display Solutions Ltd (IDS) and was established in 2001 by a number of Optoelectronics industry experts. Although we had experience in many other areas, for the initial years we focussed on utilising our knowledge to provide design solutions using LCD, TFT and OLED technologies. New and innovative displays have been developed helping customers to enhance their products, some even receiving awards for design and application.

IDS was also a franchising stocking Distributor and an Agent so we could see the project right through from conception to the delivery of the display, front panel assembly or the end product to anywhere in the world.

In 2007 we formed a relationship with Osram Opto Semiconductors to help design in and sell their OLED ranges and the relationship evolved to the setting up of a new division called Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS) and ILS being franchised as a distributor of all their product range but specialising in the design of solutions involving medium and high power LEDs and IR products.

These 2 businesses have continued to grow and our customers have demanded that also provide user interfaces, SBC’s and that we provide sub-assemblies, full finished product and chassis mounted. To this end in 2013 we introduced a new division – Intelligent Embedded Solutions (IES) which is concentrating in offering Design and production services as well as supplying the component parts.

In 2013 we recognised that it didn’t make sense for one of our divisions IDS to also to be the trading company for all 3 divisions and changed the name of our limited company to Intelligent Group Solutions (IGS).

In 2014 we launched a 4th Division Intelligent Prototyping solutions (IPS).

Latest News

January 31, 2024

How LEDs can enhance security

In this age of technology, security measures have become an expected and precedented part of our daily lives. From online banking and facial recognition to CCTV and physical motion sensors.Read more…

About IGS

About IGS

Set up in 2001 Intelligent Group Solutions Ltd (IGS) is a specialist company focusing on providing a unique blend of services to customers requiring optoelectronic components, sub-assemblies and or finished product. IGS has the ability to work with not only the customer’s design engineering team but also with the product designer and the customer’s sales and marketing teams to develop solutions that fully meet the requirements of the user.  Read more…


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