LEDiL Launches Efficient Street Lighting Beams for STRADA-2X2


Provides excellent longitudinal luminance uniformity for EN13201 M-class where road width is equal to or less than pole height.

The beam is optimised for M1 and M2 roads with low threshold increment and allows extremely energy efficient street lighting setups, even on wet roads.

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ams Osram Expands Portfolio for Facial Recognition

For many of us, working on mobile devices and laptops is part of our everyday business life. While facial recognition on smartphones and tablets is already widely used to protect sensitive data, our portable computers are often still only password-protected. Two new infrared LEDs (IREDs) from ams Osram now not only enable user identification via facial recognition in laptops, but also allow particularly slim display designs thanks to their extremely compact dimensions. Similar to smartphones, laptop manufacturers are also working on displays with ever narrower bezzels. As a result, components such as webcam that include lighting, can take up less and less space – a clear advantage for miniaturized components such as the SFH 4171S and SFH 4181S. Continue Reading »

OSRAM Launches Second Generation PrevaLED COIN COB Range

PrevaLED COIN 50 and 111 COB G2 complement the new product range and set benchmarks.

With the second generation of its PrevaLED COIN COB range, OSRAM takes professional lighting design to the next level – thanks to efficient technology and brilliant light combined with a stylish, contemporary look.

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LEDiL Announces DAISY-7X1 – Optics For Low Glare Applications

Perfecting luminaires with flexible, multi-use DAISY Dark Light family optics

Designing linear luminaires for flawless low glare lighting just got a whole lot easier with the new DAISY-7X1-O and DAISY-7X1-M, the latest additions to the LEDiL DAISY Dark Light family.

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Hamamatsu Photonics Develops New GaN Crystal Evaluation System

Hamamatsu Photonics has developed a GaN (gallium nitride) crystal evaluation system “ODPL (omnidirectional photoluminescence) measurement system C15993-01” that leverages ODPL spectroscopy along with their unique light detection technologies including optical design and data processing. This ODPL measurement system quantitatively evaluates the quality of GaN crystals that are currently drawing vast attention as a material for next-generation power semiconductors. This new system will prove a powerful tool for enhancing R&D efficiency to discover new ways to improve crystal quality. Continue Reading »

OSRAM Develops New Industrial LED Driver: OTi DALI 300 Watts

Robust, smart and efficient: the highlight for LED power lighting

Full power for your luminaires: OSRAM’s new 300-watt LED driver extends the power spectrum of the OTi DALI product family. It’s the perfect choice for both linear industrial lighting, such as trunking systems, and high-bay luminaires. Continue Reading »

LEDiL Launches the New STRADA-IP-24 Family

The new platform for 5050 LEDs

STRADA lenses are extremely important to LEDiL. Not only are they an important part of their legacy but they have helped shape the LED lighting industry, illuminating roads, warehouses, and everything in between around the world. Continue Reading »

World’s Highest Energy Industrial Pulsed Laser System Developed by Hamamatsu Photonics

Hamamatsu Photonics has successfully developed an industrial pulsed laser system that produces a pulse energy of 250 J (joules) which is the world’s highest energy among LD-pumped lasers.

The development of this laser system stems from the “Research and Development of Next Generation Laser Processing Technology” project supported by the NEDO, which is a national research and development agency in Japan.

This new laser system boosts the energy storage capability of the laser medium as well as beam quality to deliver more than double the energy amplification capability while still maintaining the same size as currently available industrial pulsed lasers. Continue Reading »

OSRAM Launches Bluetooth Sensor and Dongle for Hubsense System

Luminaire integration is now easier than ever before with the new, compact Bluetooth and D4i components

HubSense, the innovative Bluetooth Mesh system for upgrading offices to the requirements of today’s modern business world, has been enhanced by a new sensor generation.
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Osram Invests in UV LED Specialist Bolb Inc.

– Osram acquires around 20 percent of US company Bolb Inc. via its venture capital arm Fluxunit

– Strategic investment is an important building block for the development of cutting-edge UV-C LED products

– Special lighting technology enables disinfection of water, surfaces and air

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Latest News

December 16, 2021

NEW: Smart and Robust OTi DALI NFC I LED Drivers, Ready For The IoT

NEW: OTi DALI NFC I combine a large number of features: just perfect for intelligent light management

About IGS

About IGS

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