The LEDiL HEKLA family welcomes a new member with the addition of the HEKLA-RZ-LENS. This silicone colour mixing sublens allows you to easily take tunable white lighting to the next level. Continue Reading »


The popular and well-established LEILA and TINA product families welcome two new subfamilies: LEILA-Y and TINA-Y, complementing and extending the classic LEILA and TINA families. Continue Reading »


The IP-24 lenses allow more versatile luminaires and reduced expenses in portfolio, logistics, and energy use. Continue Reading »

ADELIA – visual perfection

Sensational light quality in a premium aluminium reflector

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STRADA-IP-24 – Real value for luminaire designers and end-users

More versatile luminaires + reduced expenses in portfolio, logistics, and energy use.

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YASMEEN zoom – always optimised lighting

Superlative light quality and beam control with zoom optics

The ever popular YASMEEN product family welcomes its latest members, the patent pending zoom lenses: YASMEEN-50-ZOOM and YASMEEN-70-ZOOM. Continue Reading »

Superb light quality with compact LEILA-Y and TINA-Y optics

Multiple beam patterns and excellent beam control

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Comprehensive luminaire data for energy-efficient buildings

Get ready for the IoT with DiiA-certified Tunable White LED drivers with DALI Parts -251 to -253 from OSRAM Continue Reading »

New GINOLED Flex DIFFUSE TW products out now

Enjoy even more flexibility with our new Tunable White versions Continue Reading »

New horticulture LEDs from ams OSRAM offer market-leading combination of efficiency, long life and value

News Facts:

  • New OSLON® Optimal LEDs provide flexible mix of color and white options to meet requirements of all growing applications
  • Advanced chip technology and larger lens produce the robust high performance and broad light distribution pattern required in vertical farming and inter-lighting horticulture applications

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Latest News

January 31, 2024

How LEDs can enhance security

In this age of technology, security measures have become an expected and precedented part of our daily lives. From online banking and facial recognition to CCTV and physical motion sensors.Read more…

About IGS

About IGS

Set up in 2001 Intelligent Group Solutions Ltd (IGS) is a specialist company focusing on providing a unique blend of services to customers requiring optoelectronic components, sub-assemblies and or finished product. IGS has the ability to work with not only the customer’s design engineering team but also with the product designer and the customer’s sales and marketing teams to develop solutions that fully meet the requirements of the user.  Read more…


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