ams OSRAM releases high-performance 3D sensing proof-of-concept which supports advanced driver monitoring features

News Facts:

  • ICARUS proof-of-concept provides a working demonstration of a 3D sensing system for driver monitoring which will support emerging features such as augmented reality head-up display, face authentication and driver drowsiness detection
  • ICARUS is a simple and low-cost upgrade from existing near infrared-based driver monitoring hardware, requiring only the addition of an ams OSRAM dot pattern projector to enable depth sensing

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OTi DALI LED driver package now also with an extra-small housing

Speedy installation, full functionality: the new OTi DALI LP I and LP LED driver family Continue Reading »

New flexible LED strips Colormix and Low Power

OSRAM proudly presents its latest generation of LINEARlight FLEX Continue Reading »

Tracking health and monitoring medical conditions using consumer devices

Millions of people measure their heart rate or monitor their sleep with smart watches. Innovative optical sensor solutions now improve performance and enable the monitoring of medically-relevant conditions to detect potential health issues – early or even before they occur. Continue Reading »

ams OSRAM VCSEL illuminator brings benefits of integrated eye safety to Melexis automotive in-cabin monitoring solution

News Facts:

  • Demonstrates complete automotive iToF 3D sensing apparatus for in-cabin monitoring and gesture sensing
  • The illumination board features an ams OSRAM infrared VCSEL flood illuminator which offers on-chip eye safety protection
  • Integrated eye safety feature provides higher reliability, faster detection of fault conditions, and saves space compared to laser modules which require an external photodiode

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Hamamatsu Photonics has developed the world’s first THz image intensifier. Capable of real-time non-destructive imaging, it is promising for foreign matter inspection of food products and body scanning.

Hamamatsu Photonics has developed the world’s first terahertz image intensifier (THz image intensifier or simply THz-I.I.) by leveraging its imaging technology fostered over many years. This THz-I.I. has high resolution and fast response which allows for real-time imaging of terahertz wave (*) pulses transmitted through or reflected from target objects. Continue Reading »

Hamamatsu Photonics announces the world’s first QCL module with a tunable frequency range from 0.42 to 2 THz

Photo: External view of QCL module

Hamamatsu’s breakthrough was achieved by analyzing the principle governing the generation of terahertz waves※1 which enhance the QCL’s※2 output power, and the configuration of the highly efficient external cavity※3 while using our advanced optical design technology. Continue Reading »

Combined with NFC readers ID ECCO Smart from FEIG ELECTRONIC, OSRAM’s Tuner4TRONIC software makes it really easy to set luminaire parameters

The mobile NFC readers ID ECCO Smart HF-BLE and ID ECCO Smart 2D-HF-BLE are the first on the market to enable LED driver programming in accordance with Zhaga Book 25. This new industry standard, to which OSRAM and FEIG have contributed, defines reliable and standardized interfaces for programming via Bluetooth and NFC, opening up entirely new options for the “field” programming of both indoor and outdoor LED luminaires. The two companies are thus the first in the market to deploy this standard in their products. Continue Reading »

BT controls from OSRAM: controlling light the professional way – simply via smartphone and Bluetooth

Light Management Systems (LMS)

Find out how variable, intuitive and powerful state-of-the-art light management can be Continue Reading »

New green laser diode from ams OSRAM offers ideal alternative to red lasers in industrial applications

News Facts:

  • Green laser offers 4x higher perceived brightness than the red lasers traditionally used in industrial equipment
  • New PLT5 522EA_Q green laser diode in grounded TO56 case configuration is compatible with preferred driver topologies used today
  • Maximum operating temperature of 70°C, high reliability, and long lifetime make PLT5 522EA_Q the solution of choice for visualization with lasers in new designs

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November 10, 2022


Ingress protected lens to illuminate pedestrian crossings on left side traffic.

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About IGS

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