Light Measurements in Horticulture

If you are involved with horticultural lighting, you have likely heard of the measurement micromole, often written as umol or μmol. Micromoles are widely used to measure the number of photons or ‘light particles’ within the visible light emitted from a grow light. A photon is the smallest discrete amount of electromagnetic radiation that transmits light. It is the basic unit of all light. Continue Reading »

OSRAM PHYTOFY and The University of Edinburgh: Using robots to understand how plants sense light

For plants to grow environmental conditions need to be optimum, this includes light exposure. The University of Edinburgh has been successfully exploring how robots can be utilised in research to gain a greater understanding of how plants sense light. Continue Reading »

Constant Current and Constant Voltage – What’s the difference?

Constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) are common are two common terms that distinguish between the two available types of LED drivers used in electronics, particularly in LED lighting. The main difference between the two lies in how they regulate and deliver electrical power to the connected load. This difference is paramount. The LED application will determine what type of driver is needed, as it will depend on the specific requirements of the electronic device or lighting system being powered. Continue Reading »

What are Lumens and why do we use them to measure LED lighting?

Lumens, often written as ‘lm’, is the unit of luminous flux. They measure the amount of light output visible to the human eye from a source. The higher the lumen value, the more output there is, and thus the brighter the luminaire will appear. Continue Reading »

Want to leverage the full spectrum of possible light colors? Here’s how

The brilliant system solution: DALI PRO 2 IoT, OTi DALI 24V 4CH DT6/8 G3 LED drivers and LINEARlight Flex RGBW Colormix LED strips

Continue Reading »

LED Thermal Considerations

LEDs convert electrical power into light output. During this process, heat is released as a by-product. The primary cause of LED failure is often poor thermal management. Thus, any application utilising LEDs will need to consider how much heat is created by the LEDs, and how to manage this heat. 

Unlike incandescent filament light bulbs, LEDs do not radiate heat directly from the LED itself. Rather they conduct heat from the PN junction to the thermal slug on the LED package. The thermal slug is not connected electrically but is soldered to the PCB. It sits beneath the LED die and draws the heat through it into the PCB board. Continue Reading »

Do LED grow lights affect bees?

LED grow lights have become more commonplace in recent years. Therefore, we must think about not only the benefits but also the consequences they may have. Continue Reading »

Learn about Casambi with Inventronics

Casambi is a popular feature on many LED drivers, which allows for wireless lighting control. The increased capabilities it enables give users intelligent and flexible control of their lighting fixtures. Continue Reading »

South West Growers Show

We are exhibiting at the South West Growers Show on the 4th October in Exeter!
Come and visit us at stand 42 to see all our new innovative IHS horticultural LED grow lights. Whether you’re a grower, researcher or designing your own custom grow lights, we can help you.

Vertical farming – Where to start?

Vertical farming involves growing and producing crops, typically indoors, on multiple levels. It is made possible through the advancements in LED technologies. More growers are considering vertical farms and LED solutions due to their sustainability and efficiency. Through vertical farming, harsh weather conditions can be avoided, and all-year-round growing is possible. Continue Reading »

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June 19, 2024

Choosing the correct TFT display

TFTs, or thin film transistors, refers to an active-matrix LCDs (liquid crystal displays). They are known for their resilience and versatility and have revolutionised how information can be presented across multipleRead more…

About IGS

About IGS

Set up in 2001 Intelligent Group Solutions Ltd (IGS) is a specialist company focusing on providing a unique blend of services to customers requiring optoelectronic components, sub-assemblies and or finished product. IGS has the ability to work with not only the customer’s design engineering team but also with the product designer and the customer’s sales and marketing teams to develop solutions that fully meet the requirements of the user.  Read more…


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